Koutsomitis Beach

Beach of Koutsomitis

The island of Koutsomitis and another little island, Tigani, which lies in a close distance, are a great destination for a day-trip! The tourist boats depart from Pera Yalos for these islets on a daily basis. This visit can be combined with a stop to the island of Kounoupes, another beautiful neighboring islet.

The area between Koutsomitis and Tigani creates a beautiful water passage with crystal clear water that can only be crossed by small boats. Access to these beaches is only possible by boat. The visitors find it fascinating to dive off the tourist boats into the crystal clear waters for a swim near the beach of Koutsomitis! There, visitors also encounter an interesting wooden construction: a waterer for the goats that are left on this islet by the locals. Crossing this water passage to the opposite land of Tigani is something that you should really try during your stay in Astypalaia! You can relax on the pebbly beach and enjoy the beautiful summer sun!

Tigani, Koutsomitis and Kounoupes constitute the “exotic zone” of Astypalaia! There, the waters and the natural environment differ from those that you will find at the other beaches of the island.

Type: Pebbles
Access: By Boat
Water: Shallow