On the island of Astypalaia there are several places where you can go to learn the history of these places. The most important archaeological site, maybe for residents of Astypalea is the Venetian castle that looks like it is magical at night when lit up.

The story of the great castle, built in the 13th century by the family of Querini on the ruins of the Byzantine castle. From there he began to create and the first colonization. Stands out as you arrive on the island, and even more immersive as you climb through the narrow alleys and stairs to justify not only the view that unfolds in front of you and out of sight of the castle. The castle is built of dark stone, while inside the castle are built two beautiful churches: the church of Panagia Portaitissa and St. George.

Important destination is in the area of ​​Maltezana, Tarara of baths with beautiful mosaics from the Hellenistic era with beautiful and primitive representations over them as representations of the zodiac or the seasons.

The Archaeological Museum in Pera Gialos, operating for a decade. It is worth mentioning the statue of the goddess Aphrodite a really beautiful statuette. Over there it housed a large collection of various findings and coins from different chronological periods generally. The Archaeological Museum also houses the Municipal Library Narkisseios. The Narkisseios Municipal Library contains finds from prehistory to medieval times.

One of the important ancient monuments is unique throughout the world baby cemetery. Located in the Kylintron and appreciated that there is the 750 example, when in 1996 a group of scientists discovered the first findings. Found clay pots containing bones of infants. The number of babies that have been found so far in the range of about 2170 but unfortunately research has stopped and the excavation not continue.