Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis (Saint John)

The beach of Saint John is one of the most renowned beaches on the island. The easiest way to access the area is by boat from the port of Pera Yalos or by private boat. The beach took its name by the little church of Saint John which lies dominant on top of the hill above the homonymous beach. On the left of the barrow (as you are looking at it from the side of the beach) also lie the remains of the old castle of Saint John.

The walking distance starts from the little church. You can access this sport by motorcycle or by car. It is an approximately 30-minute drive. It is pretty easy as you can follow the road signs directing you from Chora to this very spot. The downhill road leading to the beach can take you from 20 minutes to – maximum – an hour, which depends on the level of competency and on the experience of each hiker.

Type: Pebbles
Access: By Boat
Water: Deep