Top 10 Times Astypalaia

Top 10 moments

I never liked the guidebooks type TOP 10. Both subjective choices which you proposed to embodiments , often you feel that you lose other TOP moments that are more suited to your personality . However , it is true that help to acquire a quick overview of a destination and actually enjoy some of the proposals . Paper and pencil and then note what Astypalaias moments must have lived before boarding the boat or plane back …

Παραλία Άγιου Ιωάννη Ρίχτη - Αστυπάλαια

10. For those lucky ones have or rent a boat , worth one day trip to Ag . John Richtis . The homonymous bay in the southern part of the island outside , there is a small beach between cliffs that are isolated from the tourist audience as needed hiking downhill and few visit it every summer. Perfectly clear water, calm and running water even during the summer months that springs from the mountains of Mavrovouni and Athymadari.

Θέα στο Βενετσιάνικο Κάστρο

9. After dark and do the first thoughts about leaving , do not forget a first drink or cocktail at the Panorama balcony . In one of the most famous bar on the island , the view will reward your choice and hard to forget the illuminated town of Astypalaia which is so picturesque , and the description of the moment that to friends when you get back from your vacation .

Παραλία Τζανάκι και στο βάθος η Χώρα

8. If one evening you want to stay on the beach until almost nightfall , go for your dive in Tzanaki beaches . Overlooking the castle on the island , you will enjoy the colors of the sunset as it empties the beach and you get a few moments of relaxation for reading, thinking or even sleep just before the debate on what to do in the evening.

Το καφενείο του Μουγκού στην Χώρα

7. Your taste includes snacks and feast on traditional cafe? If yes, then just ask what is the cafe of “dumb.” In the square of Chora, one of the oldest meeting places of locals, and a selection of Astypalaia visitors who want more than one drink at bar. There, as you sip ouzo drinker, raki or whatever you prefer, you see around you over time. Photos of memorable nights and personalities island on each wall of the cafe. Lucky if displayed violin or other instrument and live an authentic island clubbing until the wee hours.

Στο Λιβάδι της Αστυπάλαιας

6. If the dawn or you are from those who love waking up very early in the morning , consider a stroll down to the Meadow and morning swim in the calm beach a little later bustling world . It is your chance to stay without fear pleasant sun of the East and have your very own waters until at least 9 to 10 in the morning.

Στον Άι Γιάννη

5. Sunset. It may not be easier to make a proposal by a visitor to Astypalea , but if you have time , desire and means , we must take the road to the Castle of St . John Long . There, either in the courtyard of the church , or just before the hill of Prophet Elias , you can stand opposite the most beautiful sunset on the island . The time rewards dirt road kilometers and the potential chill on returning to the country .

Νησίδα Κούνουπες Αστυπάλαια

4. Since the days stay sufficient , then one of the mornings you have to be at the port of Yialos and board the boat that takes the route to the Koutsomitis and Kounoupes islands . Your destination is two of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches that you can reach . Literally blue waters and a great sense of freedom that comes from the secluded landscape and the open sea .

Κάστρο Bar

3. Castro bar. Very likely to hear before you even start the trip to Astypalaia . One of the most unique places you can find drinks , coctails, drinking rakomelo await and often live. Just below the castle in the top of Chora , you will find images that will surely earn you and characterize the castro bar as one of the most beautiful Aegean . If the night do not convince you , you will surely convince you of the time that the black of the night succeed the colors of the sunrise as you drink your last drink until the next evening .


2. When one day the air is approaching the limits of apnea , take the opportunity and if you have suitable transport and appetite , start about mid island and the top of Mount Castellana . After a few kilometers of dirt road from the village Maltezana to Deep , you can see from above the whole island . The scene in your eyes reminds map Ideally one hour west . The altitude in combination with the colors of the sunset , will offer you some of the most beautiful pictures of your holiday .

Ανατολή από το Κάστρο

1.No matter the classification 1-10 certainly the last sentence has a particular weight. Why; Why waiting sunrise through the castle remains a memorable experience. Unforgettable tourists and loving to all who firmly visiting Astypalaia. When the time is approaching six gradually carves the Aegean, pay postponed to sleep and climb the dome of St. George at the rear of the castle. From there you can see not only the first sunbeams of the day but if you have clear skies, will also orient watching Kos, Nisyros, Tilos even the Turkish coast in the background.

(photo – text: Antonis Nikolakis)