Tzanakia Beach


Tzanaki(a) beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the island. It is known as the beach of the nudists; it is not visible from the main road and one can only see it if he/ she comes close enough to the path that leads to the coast. However, the beach is definitely open to all guests who respect the distinct character of the place!
Big colorful pebbles cover the shore and translate to a steeply grading beach into relatively deep water. There is no natural shade along the beach beyond this, created under the large rocks when the sun reaches the right position.

Tzanakia is not just one beach, but four consecutive ones formed in the free space between large rocks (two of them are accessible, while the other two are smaller and less easily accessible – you can reach this section by swimming!). From Big Tzanaki you can climb up the rock formation and find yourselves to the next Tzanaki where the beach is a bit smaller but the scenery definitely more relaxing.

To reach the beach of Tzanakia you should follow the turnpike road starting from Livadi. After passing the beach and the church of Saint Vasilios on your left, you should move on to the dirt road. After the curve of this road, you should keep driving for another 300 metres and you will find the beach.
Tzanakia offer an extraordinary view to the Castle of Astypalaia!

Type: Bebbles
Access: Pathway
Water: Deep